Amy rose
Amy Rose ia pink hedgehog who is madly in love with of Sonic. She is sweet, cute and full of energy (according to herself).

Early LifeEdit



Amy is kind and never gives up on her goals.Though she is very short tempered and has a nasty temper when angered.


Super Jump- In Sonic Adventure DX, press A and wait for Amy to run and press B Amy shoots to the sky.

Warrior Feather Spin- Amy spins her hammer at high speed and gets dizzy for a few seconds.

Tornado Hammer- In Sonic Heroes, Amy uses her Piko Piko Hammer to make a tornado to twist up poles.

Charming Hearts- In Sonic Adventure Battle 2, Amy uses hearts to damage the player.

Amy Flash- In Sonic Adventure Battle 2, Amy can time freeze her opponet to get a jump start.


Sonic The Hedgehog (Self-Proclaimed Boyfriend)

Miles Tails Prower (Close Friend)

Knuckles the Echidna (Friend)

Shadow the Hedgehog (Brief Friend)

Rouge the Bat ( Rival and Ally)

Gamma (Brief Friend)

Cream the Rabbit (As Close as sisters)


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