The Ape Escape series is a series where you are sent out to catch a certain number of monkeys and battle a member of the Freaky Monkey Five. Try to catch all of them especially extra monkeys.

Ape Escape IEdit

Ape Escape 1 is a game on the PlayStation and the first one. Ape Escape tells
Ape Escape North American Cover
a story about a fierce leader called "Specter" and makes "Pipo Helmets" that changes colors by. The Freak Monkey Five wasn't introduced in the first game.

Ape Escape IIEdit

Ape Escape 2 is a Ape Escape Game on the PlayStation 2. Jimmy was helping her sister Natile fix her room. He is sent out to catch a bigger amount of monkeys in stages. After clearing 4 stages, you are then sent to face one of the head Monkeys in the Freaky Force Five as there first apperance. You recieve "gadgets" in every other stage for special puropses. After you catch all the monkeys, you then go one on one with Spector.

315px-NTSC cover

Ape Escape IIIEdit

Ape Escape 3 is another game on the PlayStation 2. Spector finds a Pipo Helmet and finds a co captin of the apes. This time Kei is sent out to ruin Spector's plans. The Freaky Monkey Five were very different, such as looks, personalities, and voice actors. The amount of monkeys in each game increases for every game. You collect "gadgets" again and use it to use special moves for great purposes.

Ape Escape 3 Coverart

Other Ape Escape gamesEdit

  • Ape Escape Academy
  • Ape Escape Playstation Move
  • Ape Escape: On The Loose
  • Ape Escape Racer
  • Ape Ecsape Eye Toy
  • Ape Escape:Pumped and Primed
  • Ape Escape:Million Monkeys
  • Ape Escape Acedemy 2
  • Ape Escape: Saru Saru Master Moves
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