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From the makers of the Yakuza series comes an online sci-fi shooter set in 2080s Tokyo. The story asks: Are machines becoming more human, or are humans becoming more machine-like?


The year is 2080 AD. In this futuristic version of Tokyo, Japan, the UN has found evidence that a powerful robot manufacturer called the "Amada Corporation" has violated Geneva Convention Clause 21, a clause that bans the development of humanoid robots capable of looking and thinking like humans. The humanoid robots, known as "Hollow Children," are blending in with rich and poor Japanese alike, making it difficult to figure out who or what is the real threat to the people of Tokyo.

The International Robotics Technology Association, wanting to keep things quiet, has formed an international peacekeeping force known as the "Rust Crew" to investigate Amada and eliminate any hostile forces they find. However, the Rust Crew finds themselves in a perilous situation: Scores of armed robots have rebelled against their masters and are attempting to kill them.


The game is a squad-based shooter. The player can issue commands to their squad mates either by using buttons or voice via headset. A major part of the game is the Consequence System. Trust plays a part in the story mode on how the squad views the player. Their opinion of the player is based on how the player performs and treats team members. This affects both the storyline and the gameplay, where the characters behave differently depending on trust levels. The player can also talk to the characters using a headset, with the game's AI being able to recognize six different languages, including English and Japanese. The gameplay has been considered by critics as a robot themed Gears Of War.

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