The concept powering EA's Boom Blox, a Wii-exclusive puzzle game guided by Hollywood director Steven Spielberg, couldn't be simpler. You're challenged to disassemble, rearrange or completely destroy a series of Jenga-like block constructions by any means necessary -- with baseballs, with bowling balls, with lasers and bombs; the list goes on and on and on. You can throw, you can shoot and you can even grab the blocks when applicable. The twist is that you use the Wii remote to interact with the blocky formations, which themselves feature astonishingly realistic physics

Boom Blox:Bash PartyEdit

The Boom Blox fun continues with Boom Blox Bash Party, featuring richer multiplayer action and more than 400 new levels that will have players of all ages gaming together and solving action-packed puzzles under water, in zero gravity, and beyond! The game showcases new block types, including: virus and conveyor blox, new blox shapes, such as: cylinders and wedges, and new tools that will make for even more destructive fun. Players now can also sling, launch, and blow the competition away with new cannon, paint ball and slingshot tools.

The fun continues online as Boom Blox Bash Party enables players to download even more new levels via the Internet. With the press of a button, players will be able to grab, play and rate new levels from EA as well as levels created by members of the Boom Blox Bash Party community. Using the game's easy-to-use Create Mode, players now have the power to share the levels they built with friends, or submit their masterpiece to be shared with the world! The expanded Create Mode lets players build and create like never before, giving them access to the same tool set the EA development team used to create each and every level in the game.

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