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Clyde is an orange ghost that appears in the Pac-Man series of games. He prefers to wander off on his own.Unlike the other ghosts he appears in 31 games not 35 such as Inky and Pinky.


He was given the personality "Pokey" (also known in Japan as "Otoboke", meaning "feigning ignorance"), preferring to wander off on his own. When Clyde is in "chase" mode, he will either head towards the player (when he's far away) or run away from the player (when he's close). Although Clyde doesn't try to entrap the player, he can still get in the player's way.

His name is odd as the other ghosts have names that end in inky and yet his is inexplicably Clyde. This could be a reference to his outcast nature or just a bored programmer.In the Pac-Man World series, Clyde is erroneously depicted as the red Ghost, and Blinky is depicted as orange. The personalities of the Ghosts are kept the same, however, with the red Ghost acting as the leader (despite being named Clyde) and the orange ghost being somewhat cowardly.

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