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As Dillon, the cowboy armadillo, it is your mission to roll around a stylized old west protecting frontier villages from the wild Grocks.


Dillon, an armadillo, is a ranger charged with protecting villages from nightly invasions of walking rock monsters called Grocks. The Grocks attack the villages to feed on Scrogs, the residents' livestock. While Dillon is able to attack Grocks by rolling into them, the Grocks numbers can increase to overwhelm him. Thus, the villages have established defense towers that can be outfitted with weapons that will attack Grocks whenever they are in range. In order to improve the villages' defenses, Dillon must collect materials by exploring the landscape and defeating Grocks; the materials can then be used to build stronger weaponry for the towers.


The game features Dillon an armidillo who has to protect his villages from rock like enemies called Grocks.

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