Donkey Kong is a video game character who stars in his own series of games, which spun off from the Mario series. He was created at the same time as Mario and made a great debut in 1981 alongside Mario's first appearance, int he arcade game he's named after. The plot of his very first game is to get Mario to the top and to try to stop Donkey Kong!


Donkey Kong first appeared in 1981 with a big battle against Mario. The point was for Mario to dodge all of Donkey Kong's Barrels and get him to the top. After his debut, He made more apperances in games like Donkey Kong 2, Donkey Kong GBA, And Donkey Kong JR. He has apeared in many games after that.

His own SeriesEdit

After his big time alongside Mario, Nintendo came out with the Donkey Kong Country series. It showed all of Donkey Kong's adventure with his family like Diddy Kong or Dixie Kong.

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