Developed by Sony's Japan studios,Echochromes a unique downloadable game from the Playstation Network that challenges players to think in 3D as they navigate puzzles inspired by the works of famous perspective-bending Dutch artist M.C Escher The puzzles appear to float in space and are presented in stark black and white, and each of the 56 levels finds gamers trying to guide a walking mannequin from one part of the puzzle to another. Players must collect five "echoes" strewn about each level, with the final echo appearing in the same place the level begins. The challenge comes from the fact that every puzzle is filled with obstacles, be they holes or gaps in the walkway, goals that are above or below the mannequin, or paths that appear unconnected. However, by manipulating the game camera players can alter their perspective to hide gaps or connect distant pathways, and in the world of Echochrome if it appears to be true, then it is. Creative players can also use the Canvas Mode to design their own mind-bending levels to share with friends on the Playstation Network with the developers selecting the best homemade puzzles for worldwide distribution.


  • Manipulate the camera to master the five perspective laws
  • Guide a mannequin through 56 mind-bending levels
  • Use Canvas Mode to create and share puzzles with friends

Echochrome iiEdit

Utilizing the PlayStation Move motion controller and the PlayStation Eye camera, players can rotate levels and control light and shadows to change the way objects are viewed and the shadows they cast. The ultimate goal is to lead your character through the path from beginning to end, while learning how a variety of different objects can be combined with perspectives, angles and the use of light can be used to help solve the puzzle. Beware … much like echochrome, the possibilities are infinite and there is always more than meets the eye as every person can view each puzzle differently!

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