Fortune Street (いただきストリートwiiの="Itadaki sutorīto wii no") is a game created by Nintendo for the Wii Console. It was made to show how the economy works d


Box Art (North America) for Fortune Street.

ue to the current American economy problem. It may look like a board game but it is no Mario Party. It includes characters from the Mario Series as well as the the Dragon Quest Series. The two Video Game casts will team up to a economic race to invest and things like that. It is only for the Wii and uses regular Wii controllers.


If you land on the bank without all suits-You see how many shops you have in a districts and raise your stocks.

If you land on the bank with all suits- You get promoted to level 2 and raise shop prices in districts.

If you land on a suit space- You draw in a random venture card for an activity you must do.

If you land on a gray shop space-You can buy a shop for any level

If you land on someone elses shop- You are forced to go in, but you can buy the shop if you want.

If you land on your shop- You can raise your shop prices to spurce thing up a bit

If you land on a vortex- You are wraped to another space with that color

If you land on a question mark- You draw in another venture card

If you land on a moon space- You can't make any sales until your next turn

If you land on a star space- You get half of other player's bids

If you land on a sale space- You can make your own sale space

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