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Free Realms is a free-to-play MMOG designed to be played by players of all ages.

General InfoEdit

Free Realms is a free to play, browser-based "Family MMOG". Players have the option to pay for membership and/or purchase various items and enhancements by way of micro-transactions. The game is designed to be played in the browser, theoretically offering a low barrier to entry. The game is designed as a "family game" intended to be played by those of all ages. To increase accessibility, Free Realms is a peaceful world with limited player-versus-player combat.


Gameplay Players begin by creating a character. They are given the choice to make a Human or a Pixie. Both races offer male and female genders. Further customisations include hairstyles, facial features and various others.

Upon entering the game the player will complete a basic tutorial, explaining the mechanics of movement, NPC interaction and completing quests. During the tutorial the player will also be given the choice of their first "Job": Brawler or Chef.

Players are then free to roam the world as they please, exploring the 6 major towns and many minor areas. They can also learn new jobs, purchase clothing items, earn money in a variety of ways, play mini-games (which can be played against other players) and do various quests.

Many of the activities players participate in will have a difficulty rating, and will often have bonus objectives for various rewards. Bonus objectives could be to cook a recipe within 15 seconds, finish cutting meat in 4 seconds, and getting perfect scores while baking.

There are many mini-games in Free Realms, such as soccer, kart racing and card games.

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