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Fruit Ninja is a series of games where you slash fruit like a ninja but avoid bombs.It is for the iOS platforms and a Kinect version was also released.

Fruit NinjaEdit

Fruit Ninja is an iPhone/iPad game from Halfbrick Studios. Swipe your fingers across the screen to slash and splatter fruit while avoiding bombs. The basic gameplay element for Fruit Ninja is simple: slice all the fruit on the screen while avoiding bombs. When the game starts, different varieties of fruit will fly up from the bottom of the screen. The player will use their fingers to swipe across the screen and slice as many pieces of fruit that they can in one swipe.There are also different modes in the game including Classic Mode,Multiplayer Mode,Zen Mode and Arcade Mode.The game has no real plot so it relys on it's addictiveness.


Fruit Ninja KinectEdit

In Fruit Ninja, the player's goal is to slice as much fruit as he or she possibly can. The fruit gets thrown up in the air, and the player must slice it before it falls to the ground. In previous versions, this action is performed by swiping a touchscreen, but in Fruit Ninja Kinect players are able to slice the fruit with their hands.

While playing the game using Kinect the player will be able to see an outlined, shadow-like projection of themselves on the screen, which makes it easier to coordinate the slices. The Kinect sensor is used to track the location of both of the player's hands, which allows the player to slice multiple fruits at once.

Fruit Ninja:Puss in BootsEdit

An Shrek\Puss In Boots related game of Fruit Ninja made in order to promote the movie.Unlike the classic Fruit Ninja this one has different modes. Ity is one of the newer Fruit Ninja games and it is one of the most animated. While the other versions stick to one kind of mode like slicing fruit with a ninja, this one has Puss In Boots slashing fruit with his sword making this version of the game have a more animated theme.


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