The main antagonist and embodiment of evil in the Zelda series, Ganon lusts after the Triforce and the ultimate power it affords its user. He often appears in his human form, Ganondorf.


Ganon has two basic forms that appear throughout the series: one bestial, and one humanoid. In The Legend of Zelda, A Link to the Past, Oracle of Seasons, Oracle of Ages, and Four Swords Adventures, he is a blue, porcine biped wielding a trident. In Ocarina of Time, he bears more resemblance to a giant Minotaur, and wields two large swords. This game also marks the first appearance of his humanoid form: an armor-clad but unarmed Gerudo with dark skin and red hair. Special traits in his human form include muscular figure, sharp canines, yellow eyes, a somewhat long nose, and elongated eyebrows connecting with the hair. Ganondorf stands at over 8 feet tall and towers over protagonist link and other human characters. His human form reappears in The Wind Waker with a cloak and two swords and in Twilight Princess with thicker armor, a glowing wound in his chest, and a huge sword which he can wield with one hand. In both The Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, Ganondorf also sports a chin curtian.


Ganon is a formidable sorcerer able to use magic to attack as well as shapeshift. He never shows signs of aging and can survive wounds as severe as being impaled by a sword. Once drastically injured, he can be magically imprisoned by divine intervention, but he may escape. If he is actually killed, his followers may resurrect him.

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