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Gotham City Impostors
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Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer first-person shooter that parodies the Batman series of games and comics.

Short SummaryEdit

Freelance crimefighters in superhero garb take on psychopathic criminals wearing clown makeup in this Batman-themed game.


There are various body types that players can choose from, that not only have an aesthetic appearance, but an effect on game play. The five body types are Speedy, Nimble, Tough, Burly and Mighty. Use of each in the custom classes require you to unlock them through gaining experience points and new levels.

Weapon load out consists of a primary "ready" weapon, a backup, a support item, gadgets and a perk system called 'Fun Facts'. The ready weapons are typical of the genre, such as an assault rifle called "Dawn Patrol". Weapons can be customized further by swapping out ammo types and applying skins.


The game inspired Gotham City Impostors DETECTIVE COMICS #867-870: "A variation of The Joker drug is causing users to suffer violent mental breakdowns. Now, the citizens of Gotham City are divided into two gangs: one led by a Batman impostor who pledges to bring law back to the streets, the other led by a Joker look-alike out to punish the innocent."

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