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Infinity Blade II is Epic and Chair's epic followup to the wildly popular Infinity Blade game for iOS platforms.


The primary game mechanic is one-on-one sword combat with enemies encountered throughout the scripted path. The player controls the character's weapon or weapons by swiping a finger across the screen. Players can touch the bottom left or bottom right side of the screen to dodge attacks or the bottom center of the screen to block attacks with a shield, which breaks if used too much. Now with the new dual wield weapons they may also instead of blocking perform a downwards dodge. Finally, players may parry incoming attacks by performing an intercepting sword move. Each of these three counters leaves the enemy vulnerable to counterattack for a short period. Players may also use two special abilities, both of which require time to recharge after use. Tapping the icon on the top left unleashes the Super Attack, which stuns the opponent temporarily. Magic is activated by tapping the icon on the top right, and then drawing a magical symbol. Available symbols to draw show up on the screen after pressing the magic icon, and the symbols you may draw are determined by the ring the player is wearing. While swiping to attack, there are three types of combos one can perform. Left, right, left, or the opposite, is a Huge Hit, dealing the most damage possible in three hits. Left, left, right, right (or the opposite, right, right, left, left) is a Mega Hit which deals the most possible damage in four hits. Left, right, up down, left is an Ultra Hit, which deals a ton of damage, the most damage players can possibly achieve when fighting.


Infinity Blade 2 follows Siris on his journey to find and join forces with the Worker of Secrets, creator of the Infinity Blade, in order to destroy a faction know as The Deathless.

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