Isaac Clarke is the protagonist of the Dead Space series. He does not talk in the first game but in the second when he does talk he is voiced by Gunner Wright.


Isaac is shown to be depressed and non-talkative at all in the first game. He also has a deep obsession with watching a video of his girlfriend Nicole who is aboard the ship, though this is due to his sadness of having to let her go for her job opportunity.


Isaac was an engineer working by freelance.He was in a relationship with Nicole Brenner who was soon to board the USG Ishimura as a medic for the crew. Isaac was to propose to her but when she announced her leave, he decided to wait till she came back. After the rise of the Necromorphs on board, Isaac is sent in with Zach Hammond and Kendra Daniels to help out the Ishimura, unaware of the infection on board.

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