Kirby Super Star
Title Screen - Kirby Superstar
The title screen for Kirby Super Star.
Developer HAL Laboratory
Publisher Nintendo
Release date(s) 1996

Console(s) Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Kirby Super Star is a platforming game developed by HAL Labaratory and published by Nintendo in 1996 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. This game uses Kirby's abilities from Kirby's Adventure and perfected them; adding a few other abilities along the way.

General Info Edit

Kirby Super Star has a total of nine different mini-games that each have a different plot or game play to them. Kirby Super Star also introduced new abilities like Plasma and Jet, and editied the attacks of old ones. The Minigame that has the Final Boss is Milkyway Wishes. Beating it will unlock The Arena, a mini-game that makes you face all of the bosses, mini-bosses and also a giant waddle dee.


Spring BreezeEdit

This is the first of the main platforming mini-games. King Dedede stole all of the food of Dream land and Kirby now has to get it back. There are four levels to this mini-game the final one is the Boss Fight against King Dedede which is called Mt. Dedede. The typical King Dedede theme is shown in the Boss Fight. Kirby transforms into a parachute after defeating King Dedede in a cutscene.

The Revenge of Meta KnightEdit

This level shows the first appearance of Meta-Knight's Ship: Halberd. Meta-Knight plans to attack Dream Land and Kirby must stop him. He travels through the great ship Halberd, destroying enemies and the Master Cannon. He faces Meta-Knight and then he tries to stop Kirby from escaping the dying Halberd. You are a Wheelie Rider and escape the ship.

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