Mighty Flip Champs! Coverart

A puzzle-platformer for DSiWare by WayForward Technologies. The game was released on June 1, 2009 and retails for 800 DSi points.


In it players control Alta, a girl who has to reach a fishman by flipping between areas until she can reach him.


Players take control of a girl known as Alta as she escapes a series of mazes displayed two at a time (like a book). By working on multiple pages, players can travel in unique ways to find fellow flip champs. Action takes place on the top screen, while the touch screen displays a preview of the next room (and Atla's projected destination within it). Flipping the screen with Atla's wand takes moves the display on the touch screen to the top, and a new screen is shown on the bottom screen. After completing eight of these levels the player will have completed an area and can move on to the next, of which there are over 40.

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