This is Mii on Wii

An example of a Mii.

A Mii is a character you can make on the Wii home menu.You can start from scratch to make your Mii or start from a based Mii. You can have up to 300 Mii's on the Wii and have a name for them. You can have a Mii Plaza and a Mii Mingle from online. You can also drag Mii's and delete them. They appear in twelve different colors: Blue, White, Yellow, Black, Red, Green, Light Green, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Brown, and Orange. In Mario Kart Wii, the color and size of your Mii affects the voice of that Mii.

Mii Maker for 3DSEdit

Mii Maker is the same as Mii Plaza except you can only make miis but they don't really comunicate, or sleep, or move. They just stand there like statues.

Mii Plaza for 3DSEdit

Mii Plaza (3DS Version) is a forest themed Plaza for Miis. You can take your Mii out for wounderful communication around other miis.

Mii Plaza for WiiEdit

Once you click the Mii channel, you have to create a Mii, in order to do that, you click the face with the + sign in the middle left. You can chose a look alike, or create your own from scratch. You can also chose between male and female. However, you can only fit up to 100 miis. If you have one you don't like, delete it, or if it's an award winning one, sell it to the mii parade.

Check Mii Out ChannelEdit

Check Mii Out Channel for the Wii is a place where you can chose popular miis to copy on scratch and enter miis that fit in the contest theme. If your Mii is award winning, you can take a souviner photo with 2 miis (The award winning mii and the mii artist). Also you can enter in miis from video games and tv shows and post it to see how popular it will soon become.

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