150px-Monkey Quest (logo)
Monkey Quest is an MMO geared toward children's multi-player gameplay. It is made by Nickelodeon. It was released in March 17 2011.


Your monkey will enter the land of Ook. You will then be able to travel around and meet new people. You can take quests and buy new objects or visit the Mayor Bumbee. As you play, your monkey unlocks more lands, discovers more about the legendary Monkey King, and becomes a tribal leader.


In the game, to explore the worlds of Ook, players use the arrow keys on their keyboard. Jumping is controlled by pressing the space bar and the arrow keys in the direction you want to go. Pressing control (CTRL) or x next to characters will allow you to access new quests and learn new information about Ook and its residents. The game has four equippable hot keys (C,V,B,N) to control weapons, potions and any other items you want to access quickly.

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