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Cars, motorcycles, monster trucks and more all race together through improvised tracks in an abandoned city destroyed by an Earthquake, in the fourth instalment in the MotorStorm series.
MotorStorm: Apocalypse
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Apocalypse is more story-driven than previous instalments. The events of Apocalypse's MotorStorm Festival are told from the perspective of three participants, labelled Mash "The Rookie", Tyler "The Pro", and Big Dog "The Veteran" by Evolution Studios, with each participant also representing a difficulty level of gameplay. These three participants will each see different parts of the catastrophe unfold over the course of the two day festival.


The core focus of MotorStorm has been kept in Apocalypse, with vehicle class-based "combat" and shortcuts in the environment triggered by destruction and exploration. Collapsing walls, skyscrapers, subways and sewers, vehicle pile ups, office blocks and giant bridges are just some of the environments for racers to traverse. The environment changes are consistent through the chronology of the storyline; for example a collapsed skyscraper in one race will remain fallen for the rest of the Festival, even if that track is revisited.

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