N appeared originally as a free flash game developed by Metanet Software for the PC. N Plus improved upon its predecessor and received critical acclaim upon releases for Xbox Live Arcade, DS and PSP.


N is a challenging ninja-oriented freeware 2D flash-based PC platformer developed by Metanet Software.It is free but you have to download it and it has 500 levels.N was so popular that it gained a sequel N+.Levels are organized into "episodes", each of which contains 5 levels. The player is given 90 seconds at the beginning of an episode, and the time carries over throughout all 5 levels. There are often gold pieces in levels that the player can collect, and each piece of gold collected increases the remaining time by 2 seconds. Any time the player collects via gold is also carried over throughout the episode. As of the latest version of N, version 1.4, the game contains 100 episodes, which is equivalent to 500 levels.N is light on controls. The left and right arrow keys move the player left and right, and shift is used to jump.There is also a suicide button as well.


N+ is a console port of a popular platforming flash game developed by Slick Entertianment and published by Metanet Software. In N+, the player controls a stick figure ninja that must reach a doorway within a certain amount of time with acrobats such as wall jumping.Many different enemies and obstacles scatter the levels, making many levels a labyrinth. You can buy it from the Xbox Live Marketplace for 800 points.

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