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Game Series NeverDead
Planned Release Date (North America) January 31, 2012
ESRB Rating Mature
Publisher Konami

Short SummaryEdit

In this brutal action game from the creators of Alien vs. Predator, players become Bryce Boltsman, a demon hunter cursed with immortality five hundred years ago, who can survive being violently dismembered by his enemies as long as his head isn't swallowed whole.


The protagonist is an immortal and will be able to survive severe injuries. Over time, the player will lose body parts and will have to collect the removed limbs by rolling into them. Players can cause large objects to crush nearby enemies, harming them but not the player. Gameplay will also feature puzzle elements. A female partner will assist the player, however she will not be immortal and the player will have to take damage to protect her.


Bryce challenges Astaroth, The King of Demons to a fight to the death only to lose the battle and his wife in the process. After killing Bryce’s wife the King of Demons curses Bryce with immortality. Five hundred years after his fateful battle with Astaroth, Bryce works as a mercenary for the organization NADA. Preferring to spend his cursed days drinking his sorrows away, he now only fights to pay for his drinking habit.

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