One Piece is a manga/anime about a boy who left off on a grand trip to the Grand Line, making many friends and fighting many bad guys along the way.


One Piece is the story of a boy named Luffy who dreamed of becoming king of the pirates since he was a boy and started achieving his dream after eating the cursed Gum Gum fruit that turned his body into rubber. Along the way he meets 3 characters who eventually become part of his crew. Zoro, a man who wants to become the best swordsman in the sea. Sanji, who wants to become the best cook. Nami, who wants to become the best navigator, and Chopper, who wants to become the best doctor. He also meets many other characters. These characters help him along the way in his dream to becoming the king of the pirates by finding the legendary treasure at the Grand Line called One Piece.


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