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Parappa the Rapper is a hip-hop themed rhythm game series. They were for the Playstation consoles and the PSP starring a rapping dog and his adventures to impress his secret love.

Parappa The RapperEdit

Parappa the Rapper is a wacky music/rhythm game that follows a rapping dog trying to impress the flower girl of his dreams. Parappa is often credited as being the first major music/rhythm game. It was originally released November 19, 1997 for the Playstation with a PSP port later released on July 17, 2007.

Parappa The Rapper 2Edit

PaRappa the Rapper 2 is the sequel the Playstation's quirky music-rhythm game. The game continues the story of the lovable dog PaRappa and his girlfriend Sunny Funny. The gameplay uses timed button presses that are shown on a line at the top of the screen. The "Instructor" in each level will show you what buttons to press at each time and then you must copy him or her as close as possible. Another large feature of the game is the ability to freestyle. Instead of copying your instructor, you can press any combination of buttons that are in rhythm. The result of free styling can increase your in-game grade, which ranges from awful to cool. The only way to achieve the highest level, Cool, is to freestyle in rhythm.

The story is about PaRappa winning a contest in which the prize is a lifetime supply of noodles. After having so many noodles, he is now very sick of them and wishes to eat another food. When his girlfriend Sunny makes him noodles, he runs away from her house and into the city. This sparks an inner conflict PaRappa has throughout the game about what it takes to be a man. Meanwhile, an evil villain is turning all of the world's foods into noodles, and it's up to PaRappa, his friend PJ, Sunny, and many more to save the world from "Noodlization".

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