Zen Studios' Pinball FX offers an unparalleled pinball experience for novices and experts alike. It combines the arcade thrills of traditional pinball with enhanced gameplay and exciting, innovative features not found in any other pinball game. With the power of the Xbox 360 behind it, Pinball FX defines next-gen pinball physics and boasts high-resolution graphical detail. Unique to this game, players can operate the flippers via their arm movements with the Xbox 360 Live Vision Camera, or can engage in head-to-head online multiplayer bouts (with live chat, also via the Vision Camera.)

Pinball FX 2:Edit

Pinball FX is back, and it’s better than ever! Pinball FX 2 offers improved graphics and a host of new features for novices and experts alike: a new state-of-the-art physics model that surpasses anything available so far, Operators Menu with custom settings and advanced play info, automatic in-game challenges against your friends, and split-screen local multiplayer mode-a first in video pinball history! Pinball FX 2 also offers full backward compatibility for Pinball FX owners-download Pinball FX 2 free and play all your Pinball FX tables within Pinball FX 2! Reception was good for Pinball FX too with many critics giving it a higher score then the first Pinball FX and it bieng in GameInformer's 50 best games of 2010.

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