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With people stranded on a desert island, you play the all powerful god than can control their every movement.


Pocket God is a game where the player is the Godhead of an island of pygmies. There are only 6 resident pygmies on this island, however being the godly figure they can be resurrected after being killed off. The whole point of the game is to oversee the lives of the local pygmies either by giving them fish to eat, killing them off in many varied ways or simply dropping things onto them.


The game is filled with mini-games allowing you to try to obtain various achievements through the integrated Open Fient achievement system. You can try to bounce a coconut off the pygmies heads or try to see how many time in a row you can get the shark to try to eat a pygmy as well as many other tasks.You also have mini games.

Since its inception, the game receives regular updates called Episodes adding new and improved features and twists to the game. Currently on episode 31B, the game has recently introduced stories where the user can create a small dramatic scene that can be acted out by the pygmies.

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