MONOCHRON with Pong Clock firmware

A classic game of Pong.

Pong, released in 1972, was the first commercially successful video game. Based on table tennis, either player attempts to hit the ball into the other player's side.It is one of the first video games ever made and was a classic and it is also why Atari was one of the most known game companies because they created Pong. In fact it is one of the only games a video game console was made for. The game was plugged into the television using AV Cables.


Pong is a 2-D sports game which simulates Table Tennis.The player takes control of a in-game paddle and, moves it up and down the left side of the screen. The player can play against the computer or another player. The paddle is used to hit the ball back and forth. The aim of Pong is to earn more points that the other player. The player gains a point when the opponent fails to return the ball.

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