Daisy Artwork - Mario Party 8

Artwork from Mario Party 8.

Princess Daisy, (named デイジー姫 Deijī-Hime in Japan), is a character in the Mario series. She is also the princess of Sarasaland but had moved to the Mushroom Kingdom some time later.

Relationships with other charactersEdit


While Daisy has not any noticable relationship with Mario, Mario rescued Daisy from the clutches of Tatanga in Super Mario Land, resulting in her kissing Mario, though, she has a bigger relationship with Luigi.


As shown throughout the series, it has been shown that Luigi and Daisy are in a romantic relationship. Examples include one of their team names in the Mario Party games being "Shy Sidekicks". The Mario Party 4 guide states as well that Luigi has a crush on Daisy.

Princess PeachEdit

Daisy and Peach are shown to be best friends throughout the series, notably the Mario sports games as they are usually paired up together in games such as Mario Kart: Double Dash!!. They sometimes are shown to have rivalry as examples are shown in Mario Strikers Charged as the two compete each other in a game of soccer.


While Daisy has never experienced any threat by Bowser in Adventure games, she is one of the characters in the Mario Party games to try to stop Bowser.

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