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Q.U.B.E. is a first person puzzle solving game for PC set in a structure made from white cubes. Coloured cubes in the environment can be manipulated by the player using a pair of technologically enhanced gloves. Using these coloured cubes as tools, the player must complete a series of challenging puzzles.

Created by Toxic Games, Q.U.B.E cleverly integrates a unique visual world and a player’s intuitive physics and visual understanding to create engrossing puzzles.


The player's character, after waking up from some incident, finds themselves with a pair of gloves that can interact with specific blocks that are in the walls, floors, and ceilings of the various rooms they progress. The function of the blocks are distinguished by colour: red blocks can be extended or retracted; yellow blocks, always in groups of three, can be used to make stair-like structures; blue blocks can be retracted to act like a springboard to whatever touches them; purple blocks provide means to rotate sections of walls of a room; and green blocks provide a sphere or cube, that the player will need to manipulate. In the early stages, the player's goal is to use a combination of these blocks to get themselves to an exit point, allowing them to move to the next chamber. As the player progresses deeper into the unknown complex, new puzzle aspects are introduced. In one stage, the bulk of the chambers are dark except for specific coloured blocks, requiring the player to remember the location of other blocks as they manipulate them.Another section features light-oriented puzzles, with the player using cubes and other features to orient the light beam in the correct fashion.

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