QWOP is a challenging game in which players try to run the 100 meter sprint in the Olympic games. QWOP features ridiculous controls which makes running the 100 meters very difficult.


QWOP is a Ragdoll Physics based flash game, released in 2008. In QWOP players control an athlete named Qwop, who is running the 100 meter sprint event at the Olympic Games. Using the Q and W keys to control Qwop's thighs, and the O and P keys to control Qwop's calves, the player must move Qwop forward. At the 50 meter mark the player must jump a hurdle, and at the 100 meter mark the player can try and perform a long jump, although it is not necessary to complete the game. In December of 2010, an iOS version of QWOP was released for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The iOs version features updated graphics, UI, and new game modes. Qwop is now controlled using equally frustrating touch and tilt controls.

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