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Ryu as he appears in Flying Dragon

Ryuhi is the main character of the Hiryū no Ken fighting games who is the leader of the Dragon Warriors. He is comparable to Goku from the Dragonball franchise.

Early LifeEdit

In an unexplored region of China a young child was brought hight in the mountains. A wise teacher Juan discovered him and started teaching him whcih helped young Ryuhi learn Kempo.

One day Juan was attacked and robbed of his Hiryu-no-Ken scrolls. The only scroll that wasn't taken was Ryuhi's Book of the Mind's Eye. In Juan's last request orders Ryuhi to travel to Shorinji. Gengai, the bishop Shorinji dubs him one of the titans of Shorinji Kempo.

Six years later the titans receive a letter from the Tusk Warriors urging them to take part in there upcoming tournament. After Gengai informs Ryuhi that the Tusk Warriors were the ones who killed Juan Ryuhi sets out to become the victor in the tournament.

In flying dragon Ryuhi begins his quest to receive the scrolls from the Tusk warriors.


Ryuhi is on a constant quest to stop the Tusk Warriors, an army who stole the seven sacred scrolls and killed his master. Due to his deep prejudice against the Tusk Warriors he has a rivarly Suzaku, the right-hand man of their boss.



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