To make this a safe and clean Wiki to be on we have made rules for the Chat as well to make sure it is safe and a good environment to chat on!

  • Censorship varies from staff member to staff member. Please be wary of this.
  • You may advertise your wiki, but it needs to be limited.
  • Complaints should be kept on the specific user's talk page.
  • Personal matter should be put under Private Messages.
  • Be Respectful as always.
  • Niktext is the only one you can file a bad User to.
  • If a user defines our way of working this wiki then do not complain there!

Chat Moderators RulesEdit

  • Kickbans need to have neccesary reasons.
  • Any person can request to become a Chat Moderator, but it must be a self-nomintation.
  • Multiple infractions will cause the stripping of your User Rights by an Administrator
  • All rules above still apply
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