Sine Mora cover

Sine Mora is a horizontal scrolling shoot 'em up being co-developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality. It is scheduled for a worldwide 2012 release.


The game features three ships, seven pilots (each tied to a specific sub-weapon) and three time manipulation devices for players to choose from. Instead of traditional lives, survival is tied to a timer that constantly counts down. Killing enemies adds time, while getting hit subtracts it. When the timer reaches 0 the player loses.

The player ship has a primary weapon that can be upgraded through ten levels. There are also be two shields, a red and a blue, temporarily protecting the ship from bullets of their respective colors. A meter restricts the player's time manipulation powers, and can be refilled by picking up certain items.

The game has seven stages, thirteen boss fights and two modes (Story and Arcade), each featuring a variety of difficulty settings as well as a complex rank system that further modifies the level of challenge.


Sine Mora's story is that of survival. Antagonist Ronotra Koss is a serial killer bent on committing genocide. He has smuggled military grade AI robots for his purposes and kidnapped a young girl of great importance. A group of time traveling partisans is determined to infiltrate the Syriad: a floating fortress that guards the planet, keeping peace and prosperity alive. It's up to Argus Pytel and his team of skilled pilots to protect the world from utter destruction.

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