Announced on Nintendo's E3 site after their E3 conference, Star Fox 64 3D is an enhanced remake of the N64 original with improved graphics being released on the 3DS, making it the second Star Fox game to be released on a hand held console.


The game features a "64 Mode" and a "3DS Mode". In the 3DS Mode, players can control the game by using the 3DS' internal gyroscope sensor. A multiplayer "Battle Mode" is included, which allows players to play up to 4-player multiplayer. This requires only one cartridge through Download Play mode. There is no online multiplayer.Players can take a photograph of their face using the 3DS' internal camera. The photo is used as an icon to distinguish different players in multiplayer.


Shorty after it's relase Nintendo released an advertisment showing Star Fox 64 3D's multiplayer capabilities.It was such a popular commercial that they had a Christmas themed version for another game.


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