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The extremely belated sequel to 2005's Stronghold 2. This time it will supposedly steer away from the complicated nature of Stronghold 2, and return to the more simplified gameplay of the original Stronghold while keeping the best elements from both games.


Set 10 years later, Stronghold 3 follows the continuing story of The Boy. The Wolf, it seems, has cheated death and become bitter, twisted and psychotic during his painful recovery in the east. Now it is he who seeks revenge. By raiding towns and villages in the dead of night The Wolf has created a tide of panic, with The Boy and his allies the only force to stand against him.


The goal of Stronghold 3 is to create a prospering keep while suppressing the advancement of neighboring developments into the player's territory. However, the game is not all about making war on your rivals. The campaign of Stronghold 3 includes missions for both military victories and more economical approaches such as trading and alliances through two separate campaign paths. The game also allows players to reenact important battles throughout history.

Being an RTS, Stronghold 3 has three primary gameplay mechanics:

  • Economy
  • Construction
  • Military
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