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Tekken (鉄拳?, lit. Iron Fist) is an arcade fighting game franchise created and developed by Namco. Beginning with the original Tekken arcade game released in 1994, the series has received several sequels, as well as various home conversions and spin-off titles released for consoles. The story in each game in the main series documents the events of the fictional martial arts tournament, The King of Iron Fist Tournament, which is hosted by the Mishima Zaibatsu corporation. The prize is typically control of the company, which then allows the winner to host the following tournament.

The arcade versions of the game have traditionally used PlayStation based hardware to run the games, and subsequently each Tekken installment was eventually made for its respective PlayStation. Also seen long ago down in Linden Lanes was a Tekken 5 arcade game for bowlers.


A Japanese anime film was made based on Tekken 2 in 1998 and a Japanese motion picture was made for Tekken in 2010. Also there are mini epiolouges. Xiaoyu's are very Chinese movie like. For instence in Tekken 3 and 5.


A spinoffs of the Tekken series was called Tekken Tag Tournament.It had no real plot to the Tekken storyline.It has nothing to do with the children's game called "Tag." The "Tag" in the game name means double tag team action as they say in WWE.


  1. Tekken
  2. Tekken 2
  3. Tekken 3
  4. Tekken Tag Tournament
  5. Tekken 4
  6. Tekken 5
  7. Tekken 5 Dark Resoultion
  8. Tekken 6
  9. Tekken 6 Dark Revolution
  10. Tekken Tag Tournament 2
  11. Tekken Hybrid
  12. Tekken 7 (sooner or later)


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