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The Getaway franchise is a series of sandbox action games developed by Team Soho and published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The games are set in London, and deals with the events of gang life and the originated crime.Currently there have been two titles in the franchise released, although there was a tech demo of the third game shown several years ago for the Playstation 3. Whether this has been scrapped or is still in progress is unknown. All the games in The Getaway franchise are based in the city of London. They both deal with organized gang crime in the city, and while many of the gangs are fictional, the vehicles in the games are authentic and licensed. The Getaway franchise was created by Brendan McNamara, and take influences from British crime films such as Get Carter, and Lock Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels.

The franchise first started with the original The Getaway in 2002 and contains one other fully fledged game, as well as PSP exclusive spin-off title in the form of Gangs of London.

The GetawayEdit

The plot to The Getaway is split between two different characters that you will play at, and the two plots frequently run into one another. Initially, you play as Mark Hammond, an ex-convict and member of the 'Collins Crew' gang, which operates in the Soho area. However, on a routine morning, Mark's wife is shot dead, and his son abducted. After this you chase down the men responsible. However, you are forced into running some 'errands' for the leader of the gang responsible. That gang is the 'Bethnal Green mob', which is headed by Charlie Jolson.

The Getaway takes some of its gameplay elements from other successful games of the same ilk, such as Grand Theft Auto. Vehicles in The Getaway are fully licensed, so you will get the opportunity to drive around in recognizable cars, such as Nissans, Rovers, and Vauxhalls. The Getaway uses a HUD-free setting, so gunplay is all a case of firing until you're dry. The game was an early adopter of the HUD-less design, and while this is an interesting thing it can be somewhat frustrating to run out of ammo during a tense moment.

The Getaway: Black MondayEdit

The Getaway: Black Monday is a third-person action-adventure game, set in London. The game was made by Team SOHO, who are a subsidiary of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. Unlike similar games, such as True Crime and Grand Theft Auto, The Getaway features official licensed cars, from manufacturers such as Vauxhall, Renault, and Peugeot.

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