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The House of the Dead (abbreviated as HotD or HOD) is a video game franchise published by SEGA.As of 2009, there are five House of the Dead games originating in a first person rail shooter format available. The main series all have common elements of a pair of agents teaming up to take on hordes of biologically engineered undead (referred to as 'mutants' in Overkill). The games are divided into chapters, each of which culminates in a boss battle against usually massive, terrifying creatures. The bosses in games 1-4 are all named after the Major Arcarna after the cult tarot. The games are all controlled with a light gun in the arcades, but can be played with controllers or a mouse on consoles or the computer.

Gameplay elements differ among the different games in the series, with each having different characters, firearms, and types of enemies. In many of the games, there are branching paths (determined by one's actions) and unlockable bonuses, along with different endings based on one's performance.


Several spin-offs to the mainstream storyline have also been produced (including a virtual pinball game, an English tutorial and a typing tutorial), as well as two films. In addition, select enemy characters appearing in the first two games were adapted into fully articulated action figures by Palisade Toys, which canceled the second toy line before street release due to limited returns from the first series.


  1. House Of The Dead
  2. House Of The Dead 2
  3. House of The Dead 3
  4. House Of The Dead 4
  5. House Of The Dead:Overkill
  6. The House of The Dead:Overkill-Extended Cut


2 movies were made for The House of The Dead both directed by Uwe Boll they both recived harsh complaints from critics.The first one came out in 2003 while the next one in 2005.A prequel has been announced to the series.

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