255px-LOTR War in the North

A hack-and-slash action-RPG featuring cooperative multiplayer being developed by Snowblind Studios under the Lord of the Rings license. The game draws on both literary and movie influences to tell the story of three warriors fighting in the North of Middle Earth concurrently with the events of the books/movies.


Featuring upgradeable and customizable weapons and abilities that advance alongside the characters, LoTR: War in the North is expected to be a modern mix of action and role-playing elements. The player may choose from one of three races, the Race of Man,Elves etc. In a departure from the license, the game will feature a mature campaign featuring copious amounts of black blood blanketing your character while hacking and slashing enemies. Players can also hack off limbs and appendages, leaving enemies crippled and writhing in pain. Cooperative play and other unique online systems have also been promised.


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