Note:This series is a spinoff of "The House Of The Dead series.

Short SummaryEdit

Could you kill a Zombie with your bare hands? Type for your life through the house of the dead, with all the gore and horror of a petulant parade of putrid Zombies. But forget blowing them away with an FBI issue shooter, all you are armed with is a keyboard, so type the hell out of them!

The Typing Of The Dead IIEdit

This was a sequel to the Typing Of The Dead series.It was never published in U.S.A only Japan.

The Typing Of The Dead:Zombie PanicEdit

The Typing of the Dead: Zombie Panic is a PlayStation 2-exclusive remake of the arcade original that challenges players to defeat a horde of undead minions with superior typing skills. Specific words will appear on the screen every time an enemy is near, and users will have to type them out in time in order to defeat them. New for the PS2 version is the cooperative two-player option, new mini games (including a long phrase time attack feature), and helpful tutorial and practice modes. Available only in Japan.


There was some controversy about the series The Typing Of The Dead because it promoted typing skills but it was rated M.

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