Ulala is the future's favorite funky hero in the Space Channel 5 series. Whenever she sees a funky move coming she always comes prepared to shoot, dance and sing. It all starts with a few simple moves. She may
sometimes mess up on some moves though. You lose if Ulala runs out of hearts or stars.

Early LifeEdit

Ulala was born 200 years later in the future (possibly 2202) She wanted to learn how to dance to win competitions and save people when she grows up. She practices shooting enemies with the S or X button beam, and rescue people with the X or O button beam. She then learns how to sing so she can outsmart both Purge and Blank.

Carrer in Saving PeopleEdit

About 22 years later when Ulala turned 22 years old. Someone promoted her as a Space Channel 5 reporter and fired the old one. She became fabulous hit and made it as her carrer to be a future hero and save other people from any villan. She became a good athourity in shooting other enemies, saving other hostages from dancing, dance and outsmart the merrolions or Rhythm Rogues, and Sing to back up Space Michael and show Purge what he's been waiting for.

Space Channel 5 ReportsEdit

Ulala had about 10 reports in both games. In both two games, Ulala's Swingging Report
Show's theme changed except same in the second report on SP5P2. The camera stays the same when Ulala does the three catch strike poses. In the Part 2 version each pose changes the camera's direction and merollions come out to represent secret moves.


Fuse (Very Close Friend)

Noize (Best Friend)

Pudding (Rival and Best Friend)

Pine (Rival and Great Friend)

Merollions (Good Friends)

Space Michael (Possible Boyfriend)

President Peace (Prisedent of Space)

Jagguar (Possible boyfriend and rival when a Rhythm Rouge on the showcase)

Purge (Best Threat)

Hostages (Citizens)

Evila (Great Channel 5 Security Bot and Rival)

Evila (upgraded) (Great Ally)

Blank (Enemy and Threat)

Robots (Enemies)

Shadow (Rival when Rhythm Rogue Form and Possible Boyfriend on the reveal)

Rich Couple (Good Friends)

Space Maid (Good Friend)

Space Children (Good Friends)

Space Teachers (GoodFriends)

Space Bird Mistress (Good Friend)

Space Cheerleaders (Good Friends)

Everyone (Fans)


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