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Wheatley is a personality sphere in charge of all human test subjects in the Aperture Science Computer-Aided Enrichment Center. In Portal 2, he serves as the player's companion and guide. He is voiced by Stephen Merchant.He gets evil with power late in the game and is soon launched into space.His voice actor Stephen Merchant won best male voice actor at the SPIKE 2011 Video Game Awards for his voice work on Wheatley.


According to Wheatley, his original purpose was to oversee manufacturing, but was relegated to administer over the "smelly humans" after the position was filled. His primary means of travel is an electric rail, which he detaches from in order for the player to carry him about. He can interface with various control points in the facility, manipulating panels and even entire rooms. His blue eye-core doubles as a flashlight.GLaDOS describes Wheatley as a "moron" designed to do "incredibly stupid" things. Evidently, he is foolish, clumsy, destructive, oblivious, and often an unintentional cause of danger for the player. Despite being a computer, he is an abysmal hacker, attempting to defuse passwords procedurally, essentially by guessing-and-checking. While searching for a switch to power an escape pod, he accidentally reactivates GLaDOS, and forges poorly-instrumented plans for overthrowing her throughout the game.


  • Weatley won the Video Game Character of the Year 2011, Valve made two videos about this. one of them for the nomination, the other one for him winning.
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