Wii Fit is a Wii fitness game that allows your Mii to pass fitness challenges. There are 2 selling games of the
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Wii Fit series. You must use a Wii Balance Board in order to play all the events except for the Basic Running games.

Wii FitEdit

Wii Fit is the first WIi Fit game that has 9 sweat making mini-games for a complete workout. Most mini- games deal with much balance, stillness, and motion.

Wii Fit PlusEdit

Wii Fit Plus is a better selling game that has much more activities than the original version. You can chose from five different sections including, Wii Plus, Yoga and Strength Building. You can chose between a female or male trainer to train you on Yoga and Strength Building. The rest are based on Balance, Skill, Motion, and Technique. The five sections are Balance Games, Aeberobics, Yoga, Strength Training, and Wii Fit Plus activities. A


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