E3 2011 - Nintendo Media Event - the Wii U controller

Wii U is an upcoming console by Nintendo and was reveled on E3 2011. It is a portable Wii that is rumored to take Nintendo to a whole Genration of Gaming. Also it is told that at E3 2012, a bunch of new games for this console will be shown. For now a lot of things are rumored and may not be fully true. Also, there will be a video camera app for live Video Chat.

Apps Edit

There is some news going around that on the Wii U, there will be apps you could use for downloading Games right onto your console. Also apps include a Video Camera as well. Not to much is known about this feature yet. For now a lot of other news on this thing could be rumors or fake.

Reveal TrailerEdit

289px|left|This is the E3 Trailer for the WiiU

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