Wisps are the gimmick in Sonic Colors. In Sonic Colors, each wisp has a power to help Sonic where that wisp can be used. Each wisp can be found on a planet. They all represent diffrent colors and each one can gve you incredible powers that are listed below. It is very easy to control a few of them but some can be hard to control and to use due to peraps being in a tough location. They all were inslaved throught the events of Sonic Colors as Eggman would drain there power to try to see if he could enslave the world with there hyper go-on power. The Evil wisps are the frenzy Wisps as they are very tough and in a way are very dark wisps.


  • Boost-Gives Sonic a Speed Boost like in other Sonic Games
  • Lazer-A wisp that super speeds Sonic at any obsticale
  • Drill-Drills underground and goes very fast underwater.
  • Burst-Bursts into the air for a short period of time.
  • Hover-Flys up high slow but useful.
  • Cube-Swaps blue rings for blue cubes.
  • Spike-Sonic grows pink, sharp spikes able to climb up walls and stick to the floor.
  • Void- A huge gas ball looks like Gastly who can suck up enemies and goes faster and grows bigger.
  • Frenzy- A poisonous monster headed created to destroy enemies and walls


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