Wordjong is a game that is simaliar to Scrabble on a Majong board and that you also have to create words to remove tiles from the board.


The first WordJong came out for the DS and Wii in 2007. It was rated E for everyone.It had a sequel WordJong Arcade.It is known as a cross between Majong and Scrabble except of it bieng a board game it is a video game.In WordJong you follow traditional Mahjong rules of picking tiles one at a time off of a stack to unlock more tiles layered below, but to eliminate them completely you've got to create English words using the letters printed on each one.

WordJong ArcadeEdit

WordJong Arcade introduces a couple of new modes for that basic design. The Arcade mode promotes fast-paced play, as you score more points for piecing together words more quickly there are also power-ups that help you out of tough situations.

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