With Yoostar, you can do more than just sit and watch your favorite movies, TV shows and other video. You can star in them alongside your favorite actors, play the role however you want, and share your performance with the world.

Yoostar is the next wave in social entertainment -- an immersive, incredibly fun experience that brings together the movies and TV you love with personal video creation, online sharing and social networking.

When you buy a Yoostar system, you'll get the tools you need to turn your home into a movie studio: a specially-designed web cam, green screen and stand, remote control, and Yoostar software that makes it easy to step into the role of your favorite actors. Simply plug it in to the USB port of your home computer (PC), and you're ready to roll.

The Yoostar system comes with an initial set of scenes, and hundreds more of the most iconic, well-known scenes in video history are available for purchase and download from Yoostar's vast library.

Once you've recorded your performance, you can upload it to, a 24/7 online multiplex with an audience of millions. On, you can share your performances with friends, view others' performances, and take part in contests. You can also use the Yoostar widget to embed your performances on your favorite social networking sites, like Facebook and Myspace. (Of course, if you're not feeling ready for primetime, you can keep your performances all to yourself).

Yoostar 2Edit

Yoostar 2 Combines The Power Of New Console Platforms, Top Hollywood Movies And The Burgeoning Social Media Phenomenon Monday 14th June/... Everyone now has the opportunity to become a global movie star with Yoostar 2. In an instant you can step into the shoes of famous characters from hundreds of movies, play out the part and then share your performance with the world.…

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