The box art for all three of the Zelda CDi gsmes.

A collection of games made by Philips for the Phillips CD-i. They were considered unsuccesful because of bad animation and controls. They are considered to be rare around the video game community nowadays with an average price of one of these games to $150.The games were Link: Faces Of Evil, Zelda:The Wand Of Gamelon and Zelda's Adventure.

Zelda: The Wand Of GamelonEdit

In The Wand of Gamelon, player's control the character of Zelda as she embarks on a quest to defeat the boss,Ganondorf, and save Link and King Harkinian.

This is the first of two instances of Zelda being a playable character (the second being the third and final installment of the CD-i series, Zelda's adventure). Gameplay is identical to that of Link: The Faces of Evil.

Link: Faces of EvilEdit

Released for the Philips CD-i system system in 1993, Link: The Faces of Evil was a departure from what had made the other Zelda games a sucess.Complaints range from the cheesy plot to the awkward, difficult controls. While some elements of game play from Zelda II:Link's Adventure are present (most notably the side scrolling mechanic), the game was unanimously panned by critics at the time. As Nintendo had no role in the actual creation of the game, Nintendo does not acknowledge the events or characters within it to be official canon of the series.

Zelda's AdventureEdit

Zelda's Adventures is a Zelda game for the Phillips CD-i. It was released roughly half a year after the first two Zelda CD-i games, Link: The Faces of Evil, and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, were released Unlike the two aforementioned games however Zelda's Adventure was markedly different in several ways. Like Wand of Gamalon you play as Zelda however unlike the previous two CD-i games this game uses digitalized graphics (similar to Mortal Kombat) and live action cut scenes as opposed to the animated oness of the previous titles. Also the game is viewed from a top-down view as opposed to a side scroller.

The game is notable for it's frequent load times, which take place between each screen transition, given that each screen could be traversed in a matter of seconds this could be a frequent source of frustration for the player.

Replay VideoEdit

When The Legend Of Zelda:Skyward Sword came out GameInformer had a special Replay episode for the Zelda CD-i games. You can find the video here at

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